Monday, 1 April 2013

Why royalty free music?

Laws related to copyright in music are very protective of the artist’s and publisher’s rights. If you decide to use music in your work without obtaining the appropriate permissions beforehand, you can find yourself in hot water pretty quickly if the wrong people hear it.

As a small business ourselves, we understand and cater to the needs of other creative artists who need great music for their projects without breaking the bank (or the law).

One of the exclusive rights we hold as artists is the right of public performance. If you play our music to a crowd, or sync our music to video or photo slideshows, that could be in breach of copyright law. Often, if music is going to be used in these situations (especially where you are aiming for financial gain and the music is used), you are expected to pay royalties through BMI or your country’s performing arts group, or otherwise license the music. This can be a costly endeavour.

The music we release at Single Coil Studios is all 100% original music and we are the original copyright holders. Our licensing agreement is very straightforward and our songs are reasonably priced. If you invest around ~$20 in a royalty free music track from us, you have rights to use that track for as long as you want under the terms of the license. For most projects, you don’t have to tell us where you use it, or report any royalties. It really couldn’t be simpler!

Note that if you are producing a major film production or distributing over 3,000 physical copies of your work, you still need to file a cue sheet with your country’s performing arts organisation.

But, Single Coil Studios is about more than selling premade music. We actively create. We take on projects that gives us the creative freedom to make your project soar with perfect music – peaks, valleys, build-ups, or even just some ambient background sounds. We cover a full range of styles, so if you don’t see anything that suits, we’re here to develop a custom audio landscape for you.

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