Saturday, 16 March 2013

Introducing Single Coil Studios

Welcome to Single Coil Studios!

This is a new company dedicated to providing creative services at friendly prices. We're a music studio and a web design studio all in one, providing a variety of services regarding art forms that we personally love and have loved for a very long time!

To us, everything boils down to expressing creativity. We want to help you realise and share your most ambitious ideas with the rest of the world. Sometimes, that means you need a web presence. Other times, that means you need the perfect bit of music to compliment your creative project. That's where we come in.


Single Coil Studios got its start in 1998 as "Catapultic Web Solutions" in Keller, TX. Dan Waters, who founded both companies, is the main driving force behind operations and has over 15 years of experience consulting for many industries including entertainment (KoRn, CBS, Comedy Central), manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and natural resources. Dan spent 2007 to 2012 at Microsoft working on developer evangelism, followed by program management for Kinect incubation projects.


Music is a huge part of our life here at Single Coil Studios. We partner with independent musicians and produce our own tracks according to your specifications to give you that perfect note of ambience, whether it's a track for film, a missing track for your band's recording, or some electronic music to complement your video game project.

We also have a fully mobile recording studio that we can use to record and mix your band's demo.

Check out our studio services page to learn more and hear some examples of our work. 

Web Development

Single Coil Studios specialises in web applications on the .NET platform. Current tools of the trade include Team Foundation Server, CSS 3, HTML5, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, and a variety of content management systems. We also design and develop web services and APIs for companies wanting to expose their services.

We're still putting together the portfolio, but in the meantime, check out our website to learn more.

The Future is Bright...

I have big dreams for Single Coil Studios. While it's getting started, we are carefully considering all the business opportunities and partnership ideas that we hear about. We are always interested in working with new people, so contact us anytime!

See you soon!

-Dan Waters
Founder, Single Coil Studios